Do you pay or receive payments further than 30 days?

If so, then Invoice factoring is the missing link on your supply chain.

With our Invoice factoring solution, your supplier will receive invoice payment as soon as your product clears customs, instead of waiting 30, 60 days or more for the end customer to pay.

Fortify you operation

Guarantee the supply of the product and the compliance of its commitments.

Focus on your operation

Increase working capital by receiving prompt payment to mantain the high fees of credit out of sight

Fee cashback for distributors

Earn a portion of the factoring fees if your suppliers meet a minimum transaction amount every month.

Liquidity on demand

Competitive rates and funding up to 1 million dollars


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Our Partners

A solid financial group


Our services

You grow, we grow

For suppliers

Increase your working capital and speed up your business operation

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For distributors

Guarantee the supply of products and obtain a financial benefit by including your suppliers in our service

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