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FACCORP International is a financial institution dedicated to creating factoring solutions tailored to the exclusive needs of each of our customers, our commitment is to serve as a tool that facilitates the operational powers of the value chain between producers and distributors in the state of Texas. Our relationship with other institutions dedicated to products such as Credit or Lease allows us to help you solve your liquidity issues.

Our Mission

To bring integrated business solutions with agility and atention to each of our client’s needs.

Our Vision

To be the leading Invoice Factoring company by boosting the financial capabilities of our clients.

Nuestros valores

Our Values

$8,000,000.00 US

Operated YTD

Why Us?

We are the best Invoice Factoring solution

Team of experts

Guarantee the supply of the product and the compliance of its commitments

Transparent operations

Our processes are clear and transactions are 100% trustworthy.

Effective communication

Our priority is to provide a differentiated service with easy access and fast and effective attention.

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