Benefits for the Distributor

Factoring, also known as financial factoring, is a tool that companies use to obtain or acquire financing. Through this tool, a company sells its outstanding invoices to a financial institution. .
- Guarantee the supply of the product and the compliance of its commitments
- Personalized treatment, active and effective communication

Factoring fee cashback program for distributors

Does you company has a high rate of monthly payments to suppliers?

If eligible you could earn a percentage of the factoring fees if your suppliers meet a minimum transaction amount every month.


Traditional banking processes are bureaucratic and long, focusing only on the financial statements of your company and its possibility of repayment. Through Financial Factoring, our aim is to provide access to higher amounts, with less waiting time, taking into account the financial strength of the final client as a whole.
Our team of analysts will evaluate the financial situation of your company through clear and simple formats, complementing with specialized attention and contact with the client.
From the moment of signing the contract, the funding will be available between 2 and 3 business days

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